Baby, Be Calm - Bath Soak

Baby, Be Calm - Bath Soak

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Filled with herbs known to comfort and calm, whilst also soothing your baby’s skin. Let your bubba breathe in my gentle aromas, feel safe and be calm.


Organic gentle bathing herbs.


Chamomile - Aromas assist in calming your baby, to promote relaxation and a restful sleep. Reduces inflammation and soothe skin.
Rose Petals - An aromatic and gentle herb, The universal symbol of Love.
Lemon Balm - uplifting aromatic herb, encourages sleep and helps to calm nervous agitation.
Calendula - contains anti-inflammatory properties to nourish, clean and soothe sensitive skin.
Lavender - This aromatic and soothing herb helps to creates a sense of calm, safety and relaxation for your baby.

Instructions: Pour desired amount into bath or use organic cotton muslin bag provided.