See Someone's Story

Where are you going? To 'See Someone'.

Hi, I'm Sarah. I'm the founder and creator of 'See Someone' Studio and The Tit Club. I've been crafting, creating and making all my life but began sharing it with my close little world in 2015 before launching my first online shop in 2016. If you've stayed with me through the journey of Maggie and Tonks and then the creation of The Tit Club, thank you for sharing this wild ride with me, and if you're new? Welcome, I hope you find treasures and joy amongst this all.

See Someone was born out of a need for a gentler space to create and exist in and a space I wanted to be able to share with you all. Having the privilege of designing my dream studio and watching it come to life has been one of my greatest joys and having a space to invite you in, allow you to sit, breathe, create in the fresh air, under the gumtrees and the suns afternoon glow is something I almost didn't dream of for a long time but somehow we're here.

Through 'See Someone' I am aiming to create a space full of gentle creations that are kind on the earth, share the magic of workshops and like minds coming together and a place where I can offer the therapeutic understanding of art (that I have obtained through my degree) and help you integrate that into your world. 

For now, See Someone's shop will exist in the virtual world, with workshops, art therapy sessions and creative events being launched from the studio (Based in Nairne, on Peramangk Land) in 2021. The hope is, that by 2023 See Someone will have a real tangible touchable space for you to shop, create and find joy in, so that when someone asks where you're going, you can tell them "just to 'See Someone' " and leave them curious. But for now, the humble studio will be where I fill my days and hope to find you soon.

All my love,

Founder | Creator
See Someone Studio