I can't believe I'm writing this is JULY, but the books for custom products in time for Christmas are filling fast!

    Last year was crazy and I want to stay on top of deadlines a little less frantically this year and because of that, no orders on any custom products across Maggie and Tonks and The Tit Club will be able to be placed in time for Christmas from the 31ST OF OCTOBER.

  • Whats the grope with the custom pots? and other questions.

    Hey you funky humans,

    I've had quite a lot of DMS and emails about ordering custom body pots! So I thought I'd do a little blog post with some of the questions asked and some facts (the real kind, not the Trump kind) that you may want to know.


    Hey lovely humans, Just a friendly update with custom portrait orders, the wait period which is usually 2-3 weeks is now 4-5 temporarily. Life is a...
  • The Tit Club

    Hey you funky humans and welcome to the launch of 'The Tit Club'; the most inclusive, non-exclusive club in town!The vision for 'The Tit Club' is t...
  • AFTERPAY now available!

    Shop now, pay later! Wanting something a with a slightly harder hit to the pocket? Afterpay it. It's a perfect way to order personal custom creatio...
  • Welcome to the new home of Maggie and Tonks

    This website has been coming for a very long time, so for those that have stayed patient with me, I thank and applaud you. It's been almost as excr...